Bad Actors - Unique Inspirations by Tracy and Anna

Bad Actors

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  • Bad Actors is the party game of outrageous character impersonation - it contains 370 cards and will never lose its replayability.
  • Watch your mom become the "Most Successful Pimp" and answer "What would your New Year's Resolution be?". See your best friend become the "Geekiest Tech Nerd" and answer "What does someone say when they talk dirty to you?". Vote on the best performance - get revenge or be generous. It's up to you!
  • 10+ game variations. 100 Characters. 180 Question Cards. 60 Voting Cards. 12 Free Pass Cards. 12 Take 2 Cards. 6 Blank Cards. More than one memorable night and inside joke not included - but likely to occur.
  • Players draw and assume a character then answer a question chosen for them.